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On The Edge Of Britain: Plan S-Shetlands

From A to Z- During the Pandemic you can't just have a Plan B. how about the rest of the alphabet- We took Plan S  Shetland (Not Shetlands- The Vikings clearly thought of Shetland as a ‘land’) and Britain's, most remote inhabited island-Fair Isle. It is very important that  expedition history not be distilled to just those great man and woman like Magellan,  Edmund Hillary, Lewis  and Clark et al., but to the regular folk -like Sarah and Ed (Us) who  go out to do their own exploring and circumnavigation of the Earth and then blog about it-literature in a hurry.  I love writing but hate the paperwork---so I take a lot of photos and videos-Show rather than tell.   This doesn't seem like a big deal- Travel is an activity not an accomplishment--until Global travel stopped due to the pandemic. Now not only is it an accomplishment, it is risky.  But that hasn't stopped us before. Therefore, it makes our travels and adventures even more significant because it i