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A Second Chance At A First Impression

Where Scotland meets Scandinavia and the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, lies the Shetland Archipelago...  We will soon be off on our Adventure-back to Fair Isle. Here is a look back at our first trip : Fair Isle, Shetlands  UK Britain's most remote inhabited island. We flew in this morning (December 2020). It feels like we are walking into a painting. Think Norway meets Hawaiian islands and Father Time and Mother Nature have a field day.   No man is an island, as John Donne wrote, but, north of the border, you can live on one. Scotland's. The Shetland's is good like that, with 15 inhabited ones to choose from. We are here in Fair Isle. Britian's most remote one. It feels like we are moving through paintings as the ever changing weather lights the landscape in unique and splendid ways. Thanks to the popularity of the TV Series Shetland, we have had  it on our radar as places to visit this year.   Of all the 115 islands  in the archipelago,  just a few- 15-