Flightseeing To Fair Isle Today

 Weather has closed in and we are below limits both on route and at Fair Isle. This afternoons flight is now cancelled...but we are in the air! And Skyelark is in the hold.

For those who have never experienced island life, the day to day realities of living in the middle of the north sea during winter can seem mysterious, and sometimes even a little intimidating. Yet, despite being in the Arctic Circle, and  because of the gulfstream, the December 2020 Winter. we experienced here was rather mild. 

So the opportunity to fly out here during a heat wave (Down South In England), we expected no weather issues...maybe some wind, since Shetland is famous for wind speeds... But precisely  because of the heat wave, the fogbank came in today, along with rain and some lightning while we were midair. Oh well, looks like we will be taking the Good Shepherd Ferry tomorrow.

downtown Lerwick, with a visit from a cruise ship today: