Fair Isle To Shetlands-Scottish Island Hopping


Waved goodbye to Fair Isle this morning and took our return flight to Tingwall.

Flights leaves from Tingwall airport, a ten minute drive from Lerwick. There are flights to the isle each week day, weather permitting,While 27 miles offshore to the north of Shetland mainland, the island of Fair Isle, the UK’s furthest outpost island, is a tiny and breath-takingly beautiful jewel, rich in birdlife and with a dedicated community whose love for their home residents are only too eager to share with the few intrepid visitors who make the journey each year. This time it was Sarah and I, and now we were hopping back over to the  Shetland Mainland 

Fair Isle is home to a staggering selection of flowering plants, with some 250 species, many of distinct rarity. And the island has been subject to intense archaeological study over the years, with evidence of human habitation stretching back 5000 years, many of the sites accessible to visitors, easily reached on foot amidst some of the most dramatic scenery in the UK. Not forgetting what is perhaps Fair Isle’s most famous cultural contribution – its knitwear. Practical, hardwearing, stylish, achingly fashionable, and in terms of authenticity, available only from Fair Isle producers.