A Way Of Life

Sheep farming is the second oldest profession on Fair Isle....haha... Fishing Is The First!

The secret life of sheep — and how these supposedly dim animals show guile, fear, and an ability to pick me out of a line up of crofters.

These Shetland breed spend up to 12 hours a day grazing. So Sheep, try everything for the blades of grass, and Lambs try everything to die...is the expression.Tomorrow, we ship out the lambs. Seperating them from their mothers will mean a lot of crying by both of them. Wow. 

They're condemned as dimwits, but sheep are actually the brainiacs of the barnyard, capable of fear, boredom and happiness. 

The rule of thumb is that the more primitive the sheep, the cleverer it is and the more complex its emotions. Super-bred  industrial farm sheep,  have brains 20% proportionately smaller than their wild mouflon ancestors on Shetland

If there are stupid sheep, it is only because we humans have spent 11,000 years making them so”

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