Dogs That Work

 Skyelark Counts Sheep On Fair Isle

Glen, Skyelark's Boyfriend looks after the herd

Purpose driven Dogs- Mush!

While many dogs are simply  man's best friend, other dogs have additional serious jobs. Working dogs generally have natural instincts that are carefully honed with intensive training to perform a specific task. AKC  and dog breed organizations categorize certain breeds into a "working group." of herding, tracking and guarding That includes our lovely Scottish Terreier, a farm dog, who can herd cattle and here on Fair Isle is having  her internship in tracking Sheep.  Call it OJT On The Job Training!

Many canine jobs besides those born for herding include, Service Dogs, Police Dogs, Military  Dogs--- See my story on War Paws)

Detenction Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs. Bird Dogs, Tracking Dogs, Sight Dogs, Herd Dogs. We love our dogs!  I trained Skyelark based on this course I created, compiled fromt he wisdom of professionala and amatuer dog whisperers alike:

Leadership is an important thing in so many situations. Good leaders are revered and keep the world moving smoothly. Good leaders make wonderful bosses, raise amazing children and, for our purposes today, raise and train wonderful dogs. So the burning question, of course, is what makes a good leader when it comes to dogs?

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