H2OMG-The North Atlantic Is Cold

We are closer to Norway than we are to Edinburgh, Yet Shetland is part of Scotland, and Britan's most remote inhabited island.  What a gem this Fair Isle is, and to honor it,  Sarah and I have continued to post in this blog Sharefairisle.com

Had to take the plunge today, and brave the frigid waters. It was invigorating to dive head first into the ocean. It is also a constant reminder of the beauty and power over life and death. It would be hard to stay more than a few minutes submerged.

Sarah went looking for Puffins. The are nesting for two.mpre weeks so there is an urgency to find them.

Stock Photo-no stolen valor here- We are on a photo safari for our own cinematic golden kodak moment

Skyelark is enjoying her new neighbors, the 1000s of sheep...and a few hundred bunnies too. We witnessed the sheep dogs corralling a herd. '

It was sublime...no photos  or video this time, as we wanted to experience this organically, plus we didn't want to stop a dog from working!

Skyelark came along for the ride in the Ambulance