Flight to Shetland (Mainland)

Skyelark has a Vet appointment today. Luckily it is a "given day" with good weather forecasted. So the flight to Tingwall Airport should be a burn amd turn...and well be back on the (croft)farm by 430PM... But I packed an overnight bag for the two of us just in case( Sarah's recommendation) . 

The opportunity to leave the island and fly into town to buy stuff at the supermarket is the epitome of living on this outpost called Fair Isle... You cant get there from here. 'Only by Ferry 2 times a week in Summer and, weather permitting, by 7 seater plane.

I ordered provisions online from Tesco, so they will be ready for pick up at noon. Have this Outpost feeling, Fair Isle and all that isolation.  

No man is an island byt in Scotland,  they have hundreds of them, and you can live on them...but its not for the faint hearted.

I call a day here strenuous idleness. You gotta fight for things like warmth and food stiffs. We freeze our bread and milk ...so the opportunity to buy fresh produce thrills me..

'Flying into town to shop at the supermarket!

Flight on weather hold. Thanks Global Warming!